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Dollar too will crash — Nigerian governor brags



Dollar too will crash -- Nigerian governor, Dapo Abiodun brags

A Pot looking for a Kettle turning black narrative taken too far

It is the fall of the Naira now, but soon it will be the crash of the U. S dollar, Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun cajoles Nigerians as the Nigerian economy continues its downward spiral.

Addressing stakeholders at a meeting held at the Cultural Center in Kuto, Abeokuta, Governor Abiodun responded to the nation’s growing economic challenges with reassurance, asserting that the federal government is prepared to confront these difficulties head-on.

“I can assure you that the dollar will crash down in less than a month,” Governor Abiodun declared during the meeting. He further expressed confidence in the government’s capacity to address economic sabotage and prevent its success.

In response to the prevailing economic conditions, Governor Abiodun announced initiatives aimed at alleviating the burden on citizens. He revealed plans to provide essential food items such as rice, garri, and beans, with nearly 100 trailers of rice slated for delivery, starting the following day.

To ensure equitable distribution, Governor Abiodun outlined a strategy where the elderly and vulnerable would receive the rice free of charge, while others could purchase it at pre-hike prices until the dollar value stabilizes.

Furthermore, Governor Abiodun disclosed plans to distribute rice and other food items as palliatives to approximately 300,000 households across the state. Additionally, he pledged to address outstanding deductions, committing N500 million monthly towards clearing the backlog.

Governor Abiodun emphasized the state government’s ongoing support for civil servants, highlighting the consistent payment of N10,000 transport allowances over the past eight months.