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Children’s Day: “Protect children’s rights” – Worldwide Anglican Church urges world leaders



Worldwide Anglican Church Children's Day

Today is International Day of Children, and the Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) wants world leaders to do everything they can to protect children’s rights.

An official statement from the Church’s International Communications Director, Bishop Seun Adeoye, on behalf of WAC Patriarch, Archbishop Lwanga Tusubira, said that leaders should follow policies that will protect and help the children.

The statement reads, “It is sad seeing children killed and maimed during wars they virtually know nothing about, ravaged by hunger, faced by underage marriages and forced labourers and ruined by diseases just because of the failures of adults who ruled over the nations.”

According to the Church, people should stop wanting money and power and instead choose peace over sowing the seeds of hate for the sake of children and future generations.

“Today, we witness several thousands of children in places such as Sudan, Ukraine, Haiti and Palestine facing extreme violence, unrest, malnutrition, poverty and other societal menaces. All these anomalies should be avoided.

“Children everywhere deserve protection and education. We all need to work hard to get these children caught in the crossfire of adequate health care, good nutrition and shelter.”

With branches in more than 100 countries, the church said it would help UNICEF, UNESCO, and other government agencies do their hard work to make sure children have a good life.

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