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Cash flow policy: Nabbed Accountant General of the Federation linked to multiple assets



If Nigeria isn’t trending for the negative reasons, then it definitely is trending for all the wrong reasons. Let’s not sugar coat it, Nigeria trends for all the negative reasons as far as the moment is concerned. But in the latest reports, it is trending because of the corruption allegations that the Accountant General of the Federation has to face.

It is been reported that at least 17 properties including 17 houses in London, Lagos, Kano, Abuja and Dubai have all been linked to Ahmed Idris, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

This comes after Zainab Ahmed, the Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning, suspended Idris, after being placed under investigation for an N80 billion fraud allegation.

The properties said to be linked to the Accountant General are said to be located in Kano, Lagos, Abuja, Dubai, and London, according to an EFCC insider.

The EFCC earlier announced on Monday that the accountant-general had been nabbed and placed under custody for fraud, stating in its report:

“The commission’s verified intelligence showed that the AGF raked in the funds through bogus consultancies and other illegal activities using proxies, family members, and close associates,” the statement read in part. Real estate investments in Kano and Abuja were used to launder the proceeds.”

The Minister of Finance then proceeded to order the Account General to not step into the office in a letter, noting that the suspension was in accordance with public service standards.

“Following your recent detention by the EFCC on charges of diversion of funds and money laundering, I write to express your suspension from employment without pay effective May 18, 2022,” the letter read.

It certainly speaks bad of the country and its accountability if the Accountant General of the Federation himself is not accountable. But the shades, even though people may want to avoid the topic, shows there is definitely more to the story or have more names involved than just one man.

Obviously, that may end up not seeing the cold light of day.