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Captured 35-Year Old Woman Reveals New Identity As 15-Year-Old



Three teenagers were reportedly  discovered running through the parking lot away from  apartment of a suspect identified as Amanda Dorrough.

According to the police, an  officer heard movement from the suspect’s apartment but was unable to get in touch with someone inside after multiple failed attempts.

He then decided to visit the gully where the students reportedly hung out with Dorrough.

Dorrough was spotted sitting next to one of the students who was identified as a runaway, the case report said and on May 3, the police notified her that the child was a runaway.

The reporting officer believed that there was probable cause to arrest Dorrough for “Unlawful Harboring of a Minor” after having received confirmation that she reportedly knew that one of the students was listed as a runaway.

Dorrough later told Clallam County Jail staff that she identifies as a 15-year-old and had previously said she identifies as a teenage boy.

Before Dorrough was arrested, she allegedly told an officer that “she feels like teenagers ‘understand’ her better” and that “she ‘identifies’ better with teenage kids,” according to the report.

While searching around the location where the minors were found, police found “two empty condom packets, one unopened condom, a bra, and an empty cigarette packet with a lighter,” the report said.

Dorrough’s neighbors had called police in the past to report that minors were “constantly” entering and leaving the suspect’s apartment, with one saying Dorrough was spotted shirtless and braless in the hall with a boy appearing to be 13 years old.

A therapy clinic client reported receiving a tip that Dorrough had a “‘sexting’ relationship with a 12-year-old” and “trespassed from the Boys & Girls Club, by the staff, due to perceived ‘predatory’ behavior,” police.

A 35-year-old Washington state woman allegedly told police she identifies as a 15-year-old boy after she was arrested for sexting and providing alcohol and drugs to a crew of runaway teens that she planned to leave town with.

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