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Canada-based Nigerian, takes up key role at global record label



Oluwatomisin Sanni better known as Tommy Rosiers has joined fast-growing record company Panoramic Records, owned by Noah Miller.

Panoramic Records is an online based record company that allows artistes, producers, and creatives to submit their work directly to the record company for their A&R team to review and give feedback.

He will be a part of the social marketing and brand communications team of the label.


“With the introduction of the internet the music industry has become so much more vast and the number one problem, artistes of today lack, is a proper team around them, to help them with branding, content amplification, and marketing strategy. This is why many artistes contact record labels but after a while, artists and producers get used to opening emails and receiving no replies from labels.

“However, at Panoramic Records, we are changing that. It’s free of charge to submit your music for our team’s review and feedback. If we see a potential fit in our label we sit down with the artist and producer and discuss opportunities for their future. Even if we feel the potential isn’t all the way there yet, our team may offer some indirect opportunities through our agency branch,” Tommy Rosiers said.

Sanni said he hopes to help expand this market in his hometown of Toronto and his home country of Nigeria. He believes the record label is just what artistes in Nigeria and all of Africa need.

“A label that will give the African artiste those tools needed to grow, not only in their own country but also helping them crossover to the American music industry,” he said.

The Canad-born indigene is the son of Oluwafemi Sanni, MD/CEO Stëfolga Group, erudite politician and businessman.

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