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Breaking: Jubilation as UAE resumes visa services for Nigerians



UAE resumes visa services for Nigerians

The government of Nigeria, in a joint effort with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced the long-awaited resumption of visa services, effective March 4th, 2024.

This comes as a breath of fresh air for Nigerian citizens who have been anticipating easier access to the UAE for business, tourism, and cultural exchange.

This news marks a significant step in the relationship between the two nations, following constructive discussions spearheaded by Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the UAE’s President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The dialogue has set the stage for stronger ties and mutual growth.

UAE resumes visa services for Nigerians

The Dawn of a Streamlined Process

In a bid to make the visa application process more seamless, the UAE has launched a new system requiring all Nigerian applicants to first obtain a Document Verification Number (DVN). Applicants must visit the newly established Document Verification Hub platform to start this process, a move designed to fast-track the issuance of visas and maintain the integrity of the application process.

The UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Saleem Saeed Al-Shamsi, assured that this system aims to expedite visa processing time for Nigerians, making the journey to the UAE smoother and more efficient.

Applying for a UAE Visa: What You Need to Know

To apply for a UAE visa, Nigerians will need to:

Obtain a DVN from the Document Verification Hub.
Visit designated travel agents to proceed with visa applications.
Complete the process at the UAE Embassy in Abuja or Lagos.
This streamlined approach is expected to cut down on the waiting time and paperwork previously associated with the process.

Embracing New Opportunities

The reestablishment of visa services is not just a logistical update; it symbolizes a gateway to new possibilities for both nations. Whether it’s for exploring the architectural marvels of Dubai, expanding business horizons in Abu Dhabi, or soaking in the rich cultural tapestry the Emirates is known for, Nigerians now have more reason to look forward to their travel plans.

The ease of travel is poised to bolster the flow of tourism, trade, and cultural insights, contributing to the prosperity and well-being of both Nigerian and Emirati communities.

Getting Ready to Explore

As the March 4th commencement date approaches, Nigerian prospective travelers are encouraged to get their documents ready and familiarize themselves with the new system. This momentous change is set to open up a world of opportunities, bridging distances and bringing people closer together.

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