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Bola Tinubu to watch AFCON final: Politics or Publicity stunt?



Bola Tinubu to watch AFCON final: Politics or Luxury?

At least, someone had to blaze the trail for others to take an advantage.

After Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi stormed Cote D’Ivoire to watch the Super Eagles live, there was only way the 2024 AFCON was going to end, and that was with President Bola Tinubu making his own statement to Nigerians.

It is reported that the Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu is set to appear in person in Cote D’Ivoire to watch the national team play against the Ivory Coast national team following there success in the Semi-final of the AFCON versus South Africa.

The move seems surprising, considering Bola Tinubu gave no hints toward travelling to Cote D’Ivoire to watch the Super Eagles play.

The only occasion where it was mentioned prior to the final was when Super Eagles captain, Ahmed Musa requested the president fly down to the host country to watch the boys play.

Some speculations stand of the position that the move to travel to Cote D’Ivoire to watch Nigeria play against Ivory Coast in the AFCON final was a response to Peter Obi making his own appearance in the Quarter-final to cheer on the national team.

It was a move which earned Peter Obi a lot of publicity on social media, with Vice President, Kashim Shettima also taking a page from the Labour Party ex-presidential candidate’s ledger some days after.

A political play or a genuine move to watch the Super Eagles play? It will forever stand a debate no one can answer.

However, this seems to be the first time President Bola Tinubu will be appearing to watch Nigeria play in person in whatever competition that is.