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Black Woman Trapped In Delusion Claims That Her Skin Colour Is White (VIDEO)



African American lady has gone viral after she admits in her delusional imagination that she is white.

The lady with an obviously black skin colour said in an  interview that she despises the likes of black people and even if anyone doesn’t believe that she is white, she knows within herself that she is white.

She added that she feels it in her veins that she is a white girl.

Quoting her, “I am white. Everything about me is different from an African American. My hair isn’t nappy. I don’t have black people’s ears because they are really giant. Most African Americans speak ghetto. But when it comes to black people I think they are all ugly and have nothing common with them. When I think about African Americans, I feel like asking them, what is wrong with them? They’re really dangerous. If an African American is on the same street as I am, I will cross the street to avoid their chaotic sluggish ways. They’re all gorillas. I just know that I am white. I mean, she might not know that I am white, but I know that I am white. I can feel it through my veins, I can feel it through my blood. Well I know that I am a Caucasian because when I wake up in the morning,I just have such a great life and my hair is so perfect, my skin isn’t ugly and I am not fat also which is also really African American thing”.


Victoria Philip is not only a Journalist but also a fiction writer and script writer. She is popularly known on Facebook as Onyekachi Ikeh #fromyourfastfingers You can reach her on this number 08135853903

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