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Wife of detained Binance executive speaks out on Nigerian detention



U.S. lawmakers call for Biden's immediate action over Binance executive detained in Nigeria

Yuki Gambaryan, wife of detained Binance Holdings Limited executive Tigran Gambaryan, addressed the US Parliament, alleging that the Nigerian Government detained her husband alongside Boko Haram terrorists and bandits in Kuje prison.

Represented by Congressman Rich McCormick at a House Foreign Affairs Committee roundtable, Yuki highlighted Tigran’s 65-day custody, emphasizing unfounded charges.

Tigran, along with another executive, Nadeem Anjarwalla, was detained on February 26 amid an investigation into Binance’s Nigerian operations. Yuki described Tigran’s arrest as sudden, stressing his expertise in financial compliance.

She accused the Nigerian Government of using him as a bargaining chip, lamenting the situation’s impact on their family.

Notably, Tigran, a former US General Revolution Revenue Service special agent, has faced charges of money laundering since April 8.

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