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Andre Onana is becoming a liability for Ten Hag



Andre Onana is becoming a liability for Ten Hag

Manchester United’s goalkeeper, Andre Onana, finds himself under scrutiny following a series of subpar performances, prompting concerns about his position within the team under manager Erik ten Hag’s leadership.

The 27-year-old goalkeeper, who took over as the club’s primary shot-stopper from David de Gea at the start of the season, has encountered a challenging period, marked by significant errors, notably a critical mistake during the recent Champions League clash against Galatasaray.

In Wednesday night’s encounter, Onana’s handling error from Hakim Ziyech’s free-kick allowed Galatasaray to capitalize, altering the course of the game as United squandered a 3-1 lead, eventually settling for a 3-3 draw.

This result has put the team’s Champions League advancement in jeopardy, hinging on a crucial match against Bayern Munich and results from other fixtures.

Former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher, expressing concern in his column for The Telegraph, labeled Onana a “liability” for Manchester United due to the recurrence of costly mistakes that undermine the team’s performance.

Carragher emphasized the standards expected at the top level of professional football, criticizing Onana’s recent handling errors, equating them to those of an inexperienced youth goalkeeper unfit for first-team duties.

Highlighting the managerial approach of Sir Alex Ferguson, Carragher suggested that Ten Hag might adopt a similarly ruthless stance if Onana fails to improve. He pointed to Ferguson’s historical decisions to replace underperforming goalkeepers, indicating a precedent for dropping players who do not meet the required standards, regardless of their status or transfer fees.

As the scrutiny intensifies on Onana’s performances, the goalkeeper faces the daunting task of swiftly recovering from his recent error-laden display when Manchester United resumes Premier League action against Newcastle this Saturday.

The match serves as an opportunity for Onana to redeem himself and potentially alleviate concerns about his form and future role within the team.