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“Rules have changed” — Chelsea boss warns Nicolas Jackson



"Rules of changed" -- Chelsea boss warns Nicolas Jackson

Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has delivered a stern warning to striker, Nickolas Jackson, emphasizing the altered landscape of interacting with referees in the Premier League, following the player’s accumulation of seven yellow cards in just twelve appearances this season.

Jackson, a recent addition to Chelsea‘s squad this summer, found himself sidelined for Chelsea’s victorious clash against Fulham in October due to a suspension resulting from his disciplinary record.

Expressing concern over Jackson’s frequent bookings, Pochettino emphasized the need for the player to swiftly adapt to the current regulations, warning of potential consequences if he fails to do so.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s upcoming Premier League fixture against Brighton, Pochettino highlighted the lack of Premier League experience among several players in the team, particularly noting Jackson’s transition from a different league.

“We are talking about Jackson, he came from a different league. He needs to understand the rules have changed and where the limit is to talk with the referee,” stated Pochettino during his pre-match press conference.

Acknowledging the demanding nature of the Premier League, Pochettino stressed the importance of maturity in managing on-field situations, emphasizing the league’s unforgiving nature.

He pointed out that arriving in the Premier League demands a quick adaptation to its unique dynamics, indicating the need for players to swiftly comprehend the league’s intricacies to avoid repercussions.

“The Premier League, you can arrive here, but it is the toughest league. Sometimes, as a team, we need to be more mature to manage situations, and then sometimes, we make a mistake,” Pochettino added.