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American Boxer, Adrien Broner, gifts extra $86 to each of his babymamas for christmas



Adrien Broner is an American professional boxer, proud baby daddy of five, and lately , he has been feeling like Santa Claus after he added an extra $86 in child support for Christmas.

At first, I was like 86 what?! is that even money?

And then I remembered it was in dollars…but even at that sef.

Taking to his Instagram page on Tuesday, he asked his baby mamas, Tesha, Tiesha, Shay Shay and Talena if they would like the extra cash for Christmas shopping.

He wrote: ‘To all my baby mamas I send y’all monthly checks for my children if you don’t buy they Christmas gift with the money I provided I’ve saved 86$ more for y’all each so if y’all want it let me know if not I can keep my 344$ and buy more bitcoin.”

He added: “Just let me know Tesha Tiesha Shay Shay Talena” with the hashtag #BabyMamasMatter.”

lmao! #BabyMamasMatter on top $86

See his post below.

US boxer Adrien Broner generously offers extra $86 each to four of his babymamas for Christmas

I am not one to judge, but I’m of the school of thought, that if you have one baby mama, and marry her, you would actually save more.

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