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America standing by Netanyahu, warns ICC to back off



America standing by Netanyahu, warns ICC to back off

According to reports, the United States of America is standing behind Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu over attempts by the International Criminal Court to place the leader under arrest.

Reports by The Guardian UK reveals that the United States is preparing to impose sanctions on officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) following the move by the ICC prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants for Israeli leaders in connection with the Gaza conflict.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed this development on Tuesday during a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged Blinken to support a bipartisan effort to reimpose sanctions on the ICC, expressing his desire for concrete actions rather than mere statements.

“I want to take actions, not just words,” Graham emphasized to Blinken. “Will you support [a] bipartisan effort to sanction the ICC, not only for the outrage against Israel but to protect, in the future, our own interests?”

In response, Blinken affirmed his willingness to collaborate with Congress on the matter. “I welcome working with you on that,” he stated.

This announcement follows ICC prosecutor Karim Khan’s declaration on Monday, where he announced his intention to seek the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s defense chief, and three Hamas leaders. Khan asserted that there are reasonable grounds to believe that these individuals bear criminal responsibility for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.