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35 died and many injured in Zimbabwe auto crash on Good Friday



Good Friday celebration has turned dark in Zimbabwe as at least 35 people died and 71 injured when a bus carrying churchgoers to an Easter gathering veered off the road and landed in a gorge.

Police reported that the bus was carrying members of a local Zion Christian Church who were travelling to an Easter meeting in the South-Eastern town of Chipinge.

“I can confirm an accident which occurred last night. So far, the death toll is 35 and the number of injured is 71,” police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told AFP

“Indications suggest that the bus was overloaded,” he said.

“As church people they should lead by example but instead they were travelling at night which we always discourage,” Nyathi said.

Many roads are pock marked with crater-like potholes, which contributes to accidents in Zimbabwe and road accidents are common in during public holidays, when the roads are often busier.


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