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How To Set Yourself Ahead Of Others For Career Success


Set yourself apart so that you will be identified for career success ahead of others. See how these practices can help;

  1. Be a team player. Helping your team deal with conflict, develop cohesion and work together will quickly set you apart to team leaders and managers.
  2. Lead from where you are

A leader is not always identified by a title. Do not wait for a 200,000 hall capacity before you take charge, do it from where you are. Also improving communications and taking on difficult tasks gets you noticed by team leaders and managers. When it is time for managers to move on persons to greater positions, they will likely think of you first as the right one to move into their position.

  1. Be an expert and learn new skills

Performing well in your current role is an great way to get noticed. After that, look around and identify what additional skills and jobs you can master which you give you an edge. Senior managers will notice people who have already demonstrated a willingness and aptitude to perform at a higher level, and who are eager to learn.

  1. Be open to feedback and criticism

Ask the junior ones for corrective feedback or constructive criticism. It might be difficult, but it demonstrates you are not only comfortable with your abilities, but that you take your career growth seriously and are willing to learn from mistakes. Whenever you are criticized or you make a mistake, always own it.

  1. Take actions and make recommendations.

Leaders want employees who are fearlessly loyal to them and their team. When making recommendations that conflict with what is going on, communicate in a positive way how it will be advantageous for the organization. When it is time to take credit, give it to the entire team. You will gain their loyalty, knowing your motives are for the good of the organization and not yourself.



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