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New Video: Abiodun Releases “Alarm Don Blow

Alarm Don Blow, the title of the new single by Nigerian-German singer Abiodun, is set to be released by Ajazco Records on the 21st of September 2018. It is a catchy afrobeat rock song with a retro-modern like lilt to it. Its undulating guitar riffs provide its rocky edge, which recalls a Jimmy Hendrix or Carlos Santana jam session.

Inspired by his observations and experiences and without being preachy, Abiodun’s song has a moral message that places it within an activist afrobeat tradition. Its refrain, “alarm don blow”, pidgin English for ‘things have gone awry’, is a call to individuals to do what is right or morally sane, for the society; or to perform their duties as responsible citizens within sociopolitical institutions.

Abiodun is a veteran in the music industry. He has been active under the moniker “Don Abi” collaborating with artists such as Gentleman, Xavier Naidoo, Patrice, Gregory Isaacs, Keziah Jones, Bantu and Maceo Parker since the mid-1990s. He gained fame in Germany as a member of the AfroGerman collective Brothers Keepers which sold over 220,000 copies of their single “Adriano (the final warning)”.

Alarm Don Blow gives you a taste of the upcoming album “Break Free”, to be released in November of 2018.

Watch the video below!

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