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How To Be A Doer


Action orientation is very vital in your quest for success in life. It is a non-negotiable prerequisite to achieving true success. Until we take bold steps towards accomplishing our dreams, they will only remain mere wishes. Lack of action orientation is the major reason why most people never live their dreams in life. Lots of people actually know what to do, but only few people put what they know to practise. Yet, it is what you do to what you know that really counts.


The place of action can never be underestimated on your road to success. You will never get anything done until you act. You’ve got to act to produce results as there’s no result without action. Actions precede results. Action precede success! Action orientation, over the years, has distinguished real dreamers from mere wishers.


Little wonder Dr. Myles Munroe said the wealthiest spot on earth is the cemetery. Because there lay great talents that were never acted upon nor explored. Powerful songs that were never sang, races that were never ran, speeches that were never uttered, ideas that were never implemented, innovations that were never launched, creative designs that were never seen and loads of books that were never written all lie (by the day) in the grave yard.


Are you also at the verge of adding to the grave’s wealth? People who die without exploring their full potentials rob their generation of their unused success, thus increasing the wealth in the grave. You need to act to be all you can be but have not yet become. Until you act, you won’t know how much you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t act on your talents, you remain frustrated and uncelebrated.


The Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane, Bill Gates invented Microsoft, Thomas Edison invented the fluorescent bulb. The list is endless. These people all have one thing in common; action orientation! Nothing moved until they moved! Even your possession of the best information will get you nowhere without corresponding action. It is the quality of information you have, backed with uncompromising action that results success. Only those with endless determination, keen tenacity of purpose and unrelenting action climb to the top.

For you to accomplish anything significant in life, you’ve got to develop an action orientation mentality. Act towards your plans, your ambitions, your dreams, your desires and your goals. When you act on your goals, you will almost always realize anything you set out to accomplish. Unlimited success!

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