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5 Regressive Persons A Successful Person Must Avoid


It is very vital to be aware of whom we choose to spend our time with, to avoid spending time with people who would not move you forward or kill your motivation while going after your goals. Here are five most regressive persons who do not really help you advance in your personal or career life.

1. The Complainers

Complainers are people who are always complaining about how bad their life or job or anything is. They constantly whine about everything but never do anything about it. People like this are usually dissatisfied and they need a way to feel better. They find it in complaining and finding flaws in other people’s lives will make them feel less miserable.

Being around a complainer can take a toll on you. You might begin to join in on the complaints, and before you know it, you adopt their same way of negative thinking.

2. The Entitled

These are the people who feel like they are entitled to certain things in life. They move around with a sense of entitlement and believe that do not have to work for anything, that the people around them owe them something. They are also the ones who will try to talk you out of following your dreams.

This mindset can be deadly to a person trying to be successful. It blocks your determination and can kill your motivation in seconds. Nobody is really not entitled to anything. If you want the good life, you have to create it.

3. The Conformers

These are the ones who conform to the limits set on them. They do not have any dreams they are chasing after, and they are not doing something that goes against the status quo. They are simply living like robots and enjoy routines; wake up,  go to work at a job they probably hate, go home, sleep and doing it all over again.

There are many people who are content with this and that is okay. But a person who is following their dreams simply cannot conform to the average life.

4. Envious persons

Envious persons could never become good partners or friends. They can only become your friend if you are less successful than these individuals.

With these people, it’s all about making comparisons – who is more skilled, who earns more money, etc. And if you are better in any of these fields, they cannot truly like you.

If someone envies you, that person is not able to enjoy your success or willing to encourage you to continue giving your best. Deep down, envious people cannot wait to see you fail. Even more, their envy sometimes makes them work directly against you.

  1. The Doubters

Doubters are those that will listen to your big dreams, but they will be the first ones to tell you they do not think it is a good idea. They are the ones who believe you have to “be somebody” in order to do something extravagant.

As somebody who is chasing their dreams, this can be very discouraging, so identifying those that doubt you in your group will be beneficial to you and your success in the future. Likewise, it is extremely important to keep supportive people around you, people who encourage you to chase your dreams.


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