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Zimbabwe’s Ex President Given Immunity From Prosecution



For days now, the Internet has been agog with the news of Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe’s resignation from the presidency.

It wasn’t surprising to see pictures of people celebrating his exit as he has been accused of being a dictator responsible for economic mismanagement, widespread corruption, human rights abuses, suppression of political critics and crimes against humanity.

Now, according to Reuters, Robert Mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution and assured that his safety would be protected in his home country as part of a deal that led to his resignation.

Mugabe who led Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 stepped down on Tuesday after the army seized power and the ruling party turned against him and Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice president, is set to be sworn in as president on Friday.

A government source said Mugabe, who is 93, told negotiators he wanted to die in Zimbabwe and had no plans to live in exile.

“It was very emotional for him and he was forceful about it. For him it was very important that he be guaranteed security to stay in the country although that will not stop him from travelling abroad when he wants to or has to,” the source said.

If there’s any lesson to be learnt here, it would be that one should conduct his or her affairs with Integrity  and compassion when we find ourselves in a position of authority.

The people you step on on your way to the top, are the same people you would meet on your way down.


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