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Widow claiming she was abandoned over tribe is a liar – Relative responds



Dorine Darlington Obi

Following our report on the Nigerian widow who lamented how her in-laws abandoned her and her children after her husband’s death because she is from Abia tribe ‘Ngwa ‘, a close relative has come forth to shed more light.

In an exclusive email sent to TopNaija on Sunday, Dorine Darlington Obi who recalled being told several times that “her sin was coming from the ‘Ngwa’ tribe in Abia state” and further disclosed that after her in-laws got news of her becoming successful than everyone expected, they attributed it to prostitution, is said to be peddling lies against the family.

According to Chidi Enwems, who claims to be her brother from the same OBINGWA LGA in ABIA state, reached out to TopNaija to set records straight, and below are his words.

I had watched with dismay you uncalled for, disrespectful and false publications you have been making against your parents-in-law simply because you know that your father-in-law is so reserved, disciplinedand churches that he cannot condescend to reply you. Even if you physically slap him, he will not retaliate.
I want you to know the following points:
I am your brother from the same OBINGWA LGA in ABIA state. I know and have been associating with this family before you were married into it and you met me there when you came in for I schooled with their sons and we have been friends including your late husband.
Your late husband was about 29yrs old and you just left tertiary institution when your husband presented you as the person he loved and wanted to marry you. His parents gave you their blessings.
Your late  husband, my friend, was not financially buoyant. His parents brought out money, performed the customary rites and gave you a lavish wedding. Both of you were living in the same house with your parents-in-law. They were feeding you, taking care of both of you and we were all eating together whenever I was around.
Before you were married into the family, the had a daughter-in-law, Hannah, who is still there and now, they have daughters-in-law.
After about 2yrs,you and your husband found an accommodation outside the family house and moved out. While living in your own house, there was a time your mother was so sick that your parents-in-law carried her into their own home and invited me as their family doctor to give her treatment, which I did. You, your late husband and your parents were grateful to your parents-in-law. At a time, your own father was arrested and locked up in a cell by the police, this same people intervened and got him released.
Unfortunately, your husband died in a ghastly motor accident along with 16 others. You surprisingly called your mother-in-law a witch, your father-in-law a wizard and a murderer,  accusing him of killing his own son, while pretending to be a Christian. Let me ask you, did he also kill the 16 others who died in same accident? Why didn’t he kill you instead of his own son? You vowed to destroy their image. Doreen, why?!!!
You, your parents and siblings went to his house and wanted to fight him, poured provocative insults on him that same day he lost his son and was mourning, yet, he kept mute.
Above, not withstanding, your father-in-law sent money to enable you come for the burial, but you rejected the money. We were all there on the burial day and saw what happened but let me not say how shamefully and arrogantly you behaved. After that, you embarked on a campaign of calumny against your parents-in-law. Doreen, for what?!!!
Your father-in-law instructed all his children including their daughters-in-law, close friends and I not to join issues with you. I know when it was too much, their daughters replied you once and you calmed down. Now, you have started on a different level, aimed at antagonising him with Ngwá people…. Doreen, Why?!!!
I categorically tell you here that they never hated you, let alone that you are an Ngwá woman. It is not true! Don’t use them as scapegoat to beg for money or seek self-pity on social media. You ride a jeep(Xterra) and you are also living large.”

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