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Why Aston Villa can’t challenge for the Premier League — Emery



Why Aston Villa can't challenge for the Premier League -- Emery

While Manchester City manager brags about winning the premier league for a record 4th time this season, Aston Villa boss, Unai Emery is doing the polar opposite as he distances his team from title conversation.

Following Aston Villa’s stunning 1-0 victory against Manchester City, manager Unai Emery remained grounded about his team’s position in the Premier League title race. Despite the impressive win that propelled Villa to third place, Emery maintained that there are seven teams ahead of them who are stronger contenders for the title.

Emery’s cautious stance came in the wake of their triumph over City, a result that saw Villa surpass Guardiola’s side in the league standings.

“Today was fantastic but keep balanced. Next challenge is on Saturday,” Emery emphasized, urging his team to maintain focus despite the euphoria surrounding their recent success.

A potential win against Emery’s former club, Arsenal, on Saturday could narrow the gap between Villa and the Gunners to just one point. However, when questioned about the implications of such a victory on their title aspirations, Emery remained pragmatic.

“Not really. There are seven teams in the table better contenders than us,” responded Emery when asked if their proximity to Arsenal in the standings would thrust them into the title contention spotlight.

While Pep Guardiola seemed convinced that Villa could be part of the title race, Emery opted for a more reserved outlook, acknowledging the challenges ahead and the stiff competition posed by other clubs vying for the league crown.