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Why 74-year-old woman robbed Bank in America



Why 74-year-old Ann Mayers robbed Bank in America

A 74-year-old woman identified as Ann Mayers has found herself in legal trouble after allegedly robbing an Ohio credit union at gunpoint, purportedly as a response to falling victim to an online scam and facing financial distress.

Ann Mayers stands accused of aggravated robbery with a firearm and tampering with evidence following the incident that occurred on April 19 in Fairfield Township, located north of Cincinnati.

According to reports, Mayers discarded her clothing out of her car window while returning home after the robbery, leading to the tampering charge.

If convicted, Mayers could potentially face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Currently detained on a $100,000 bond, she awaits her initial court appearance with no listed attorney.

Fairfield police apprehended Ann Mayers at her Hamilton residence shortly after the robbery, where they discovered a firearm in her vehicle, believed to have been used during the crime.

Allegedly, Mayers confessed to being the individual who entered the AurGroup Financial Credit Union Bank, brandishing a gun and demanding cash from a teller. Bodycam footage captured at the time of her arrest reportedly shows a swift admission from Mayers regarding her involvement in the robbery.

Authorities have revealed that Mayers may have been ensnared in an online scam, as her relatives disclosed her habit of sending money to an undisclosed party. While investigating these claims, law enforcement is also grappling with the complexities of Mayers’ situation, acknowledging the possibility of her being a victim herself, even as she stands accused of victimizing others.

Sergeant Brandon McCroskey commented on the matter, describing it as “very sad and unfortunate” if Mayers’ relatives’ assertions hold true. He noted that Mayers had allegedly discussed her intent to rob banks with family members in the days leading up to the incident, a warning that went unheeded.

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