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“What Nigeria needs to know” — Sebastien Haller ahead of AFCON final



"What Nigeria needs to know" -- Sebastien Haller on AFCON final

It won’t be an AFCON final if some words aren’t said before kickoff, and ahead of Nigeria and Ivory Coast marching out to hostile tides, Sebastien Haller is doing some talking or perhaps warning to the Super Eagles.

This won’t be like last time, the Ivorian insists as both sides face off tonight.

Sebastien Haller, who currently shines for Borussia Dortmund, has issued a warning to Nigeria’s national football team, the Super Eagles, ahead of the highly anticipated AFCON final.

Reflecting on their previous encounter in the group stage where Nigeria secured a 1-0 victory, Haller emphasized the disparities between a group match and a final showdown.

He stressed that both teams hold an advantage having already faced each other but cautioned that tonight’s battle would present a different challenge altogether.

In his pre-match analysis, Haller remarked,

“There is a difference between playing a group match and a final; the fact that we have already faced each other is an advantage for both teams.”

Sebastien Haller further added,

“I expect a tough match. We know how Nigerians play, it’s up to us to give them problems. Our journey has strengthened our bonds within the group. Ivory Coast has gone through trials that have made it stronger.”

In Sebastien Haller’s analysis, it is more of; ‘This won’t be last the time cause we know what you are coming with’, a threat and of course a caution to the Super Eagles.