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What Doctors told Ras Kimono 3 weeks before he died – Manager reveals



Manager of the late veteran Reggae musician, Ras Kimono, Daddy Faizer, has said the singer underwent a medical test about three weeks ago and the doctors said he was in a good shape.

When Sunday Scoop visited Kimono’s house in Magodo, Lagos, during the week, family members and well-wishers swamped the residence. Efforts to speak with the only daughter, Oge Kimono, who was around, were abortive as she was not in a good condition to talk.

However, Faizer told Sunday Scoop that the late Reggae singer did not suffer from any strange illness before death.

He said, “Being his manager doesn’t mean I am a doctor. As far as I knew, he went for a medical test about three weeks ago and he was declared healthy. But you know how certain things happen. When death comes, it comes and no one can prevent it. We should leave all to God who knows better.”

Speaking on burial arrangement, he revealed that the death was still fresh, adding that the family members would need to meet. He said, “We are in Africa; the burial plans will be decided by the family members. There is little we friends can do, but I am still trying to hold Kimono’s band together because they will have a role to play in his burial. So, whatever plans the family has, we will harmonise them and see how we can be of support. Once the plans are solid, it will be communicated to the public.”

Faizer, who is also an OAP, stated that since he came in touch with Kimono in 1984, they had remained friends. He added, “I was an undergraduate when I met Ras Kimono. Being friends with someone for 34 years means you guys must have a strong bond. He was a nice person and he would always share your problems. If you needed help and he was in a position to assist, he would gladly do so.

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