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Victor Antai Doing Akpabio’s Biddings To Keep His Job- Group



A socio political group Ibom Mirror said the recent comments by the Executive Director Projects, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Mr Victor Antai in a video circulating in the social media was allegedly directed by his benefactor Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Addressing Journalists in Uyo on Wednesday they maintained that Mr Victor Antai’s address as seen on the video is simply a confession of their plot against Governor Umo Eno.

Speaking through its president and secretary Comrade Kingsley Sunday and Prince Godwin Peter theyMr. Antai has also succeeded in naming the chief sponsor of the plot to frustrate Governor Umo Eno.

According to them, Senator Godswill Akpabio is fighting Governor Eno by proxy, using Victor Antai and others.

The statement reads: “Everyone knows that Senator Akpabio is a snake. It is not that we did not expect him to wage a needless war against Governor Umo Eno. But this situation that appears that the only condition Akpabio has given to Victor Antai to maintain his office at the NDDC is to wage attack on Governor Eno is too shameful on Akpabio.

“If despite the respect Governor Eno has accorded Akpabio, even when he does not deserve it in anyway, Akpabio still has sinister motives against the governor, then he is really a heartless individual.”

The group wonders why a Senate President will be so petty to focus more on fighting his State Governor than lead a functional national assembly, and questions Victor Antai for being such a vulnerable tool in the hands of Senator Akpabio.

“Yes, we know that frustration can push someone into acting funny. We all saw how hopeless Victor Antai was for the years he was idle and begging to eat. We know that he was feeding at the mercy of Akpabio. But is that enough reason for Antai to do just anything Akpabio wants him to do?

“At least now, he has a job. He should not fall for Akpabio’s blackmail. It is obvious Senator Akpabio has no conscience. But we thought Victor Antai was a saner person. You cannot be an executive director of projects and turn the projects to be fighting the governor just to impress Senator Akpabio,” the statement noted.

It advised Mr Victor Antai to recall the fate of previous Akwa Ibom sons who felt they had NDDC at their beck and call to deploy to fighting the governors at their time.

“None of them succeeded. They ended up aggregating their profile of frustration. That will eventually become Antai’s fate if he doesn’t stop being used to fight Governor Umo Eno,” the group noted.

The group advised Antai to use his position to attract development to Akwa Ibom State to complement the effort of Governor Eno instead of waging a needless war with the governor.

They added that the simplicity and humility of Governor Umo Eno should not be abused, and advised Akpabio to end the fight with his State Governor rather than recruiting everyone who finds favour in his hands to fight Governor Umo Eno.

“It now looks like the major reason for giving them these appointments was to use them against Governor Umo Eno. Why is Akpabio always predictable?

“For the umpteenth time, we urge Victor Antai to stop being a willing tool for fighting Governor Umo Eno. Now that Akpabio has turned him into a bee, at the end the day, the day, the bee will sting itself,” the group intoned.

Doris Israel Ijeoma is a journalist with special interest in politics, entertainment, tech and digital marketing. For inquiries, you can reach her via 09076290172.

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