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UN Secretary General Warns The World About Sudan



Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has reportedly  issued a warning during the security council meeting about the ongoing conflict in Sudan.


The Secretary-General’s warning sprung up due to the increased  violence in the country, where government forces have been clashing with rebel groups for months.

Guterres expressed his concern about the impact of the conflict on the civilian population, including displacement and loss of life.

He also highlighted the potential for the fighting to destabilize the region as a whole, given Sudan’s strategic location and its history of conflict with neighboring countries.

The Secretary-General called on all parties to the conflict to work towards a peaceful resolution and urged the international community to support efforts to find a sustainable solution to the crisis. He emphasized the need for humanitarian assistance to be provided to those affected by the conflict.

The UN Security Council expressed its deep concern over the situation in Sudan and called on all parties to immediately cease hostilities and engage in dialogue towards a peaceful solution. The council also pledged to continue monitoring the situation closely and to take necessary measures to support peace and stability in the region.

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