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“Ukraine aid bill would be used to impeach Trump” – Senator JD Vance warns



Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio disclosed to his Republican colleagues that the proposed Ukrainian aid bill could be used to impeach former President Trump if he wins re-election in November.

Vance had sent a memo to GOP lawmakers highlighting that the Ukraine package assures the delivery of funding through September 2025.

Trump, however, has vowed to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours of gaining office, which would also end funding.

“[The package] represents an attempt by the foreign policy blob/deep state to stop President Trump from pursuing his desired policy, and if he does so anyways, to provide grounds to impeach him and undermine his administration. All Republicans should oppose its passage,” the memo read.

“Back in 2019, Democrats articulated a novel theory of impeachment, based on Trump’s refusal to spend money from the USAI—Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Five years after impeaching Trump for refusing to spend money on Ukraine, they have drafted a new law that again requires Trump to spend money on Ukraine. If he negotiates an end to the war, as he has promised to do, they will undoubtedly argue that he has broken the law,” Vance wrote in an op-ed for the American Conservative.On Sunday, the Senate voted to push forward the aid package, which also includes funds for Israel and other U.S. allies. So far, 18 GOP lawmakers have signed on to the effort.

The package would provide $60 billion for Ukraine, mostly to purchase U.S.-made defense equipment, including munitions and air defense systems that authorities say it desperately needs as Russia batters the country. It also includes $8 billion for the government in Kyiv and other assistance.The 67-27 test vote Sunday on the $95.3 billion foreign aid package came just after Trump moved to kill the assistance and has escalated his attacks on the NATO military alliance.

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