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UK plans to restrict Nigerian students from relocating with families



The United Kingdom is reportedly set to impose stricter regulations that could prevent Nigerian students and other foreign nationals studying in the country from bringing their families along.

This development, expected to be introduced this week, is aimed at curbing the recent increase in net migration to the UK, which has reached a staggering 1 million.

According to an exclusive report by The Sun UK, the new rules will make it illegal for master’s students and many other postgraduate students to relocate with their families.

However, the prohibition will not apply to PhD students who pursue degrees lasting between three and five years and are considered highly talented.

The surge in migration numbers has prompted calls from Conservative Members of Parliament for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to take action and address the issue.

In response, UK officials are anticipated to announce the implementation of stricter immigration restrictions either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

These measures are part of the UK government’s efforts to manage the inflow of migrants and maintain control over the country’s immigration system.

While the specific details of the new regulations are yet to be disclosed, the move is expected to have a significant impact on Nigerian students and other foreign nationals pursuing their education in the UK.

As the story unfolds, affected individuals and their families may face challenges in planning their living arrangements and may need to consider alternative options to comply with the forthcoming rules.

The decision is likely to spark discussions and debates concerning the broader implications of immigration policies and their effects on students, families, and educational opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The Sun reports that “Rishi Sunak is expected to come out fighting on immigration – pointing out they are figures he inherited as they date back to the year ending December 2022 – two months after he became PM.

“There has been an explosion in the number of people coming to Britain piggybacking on their relative’s student visa.

“Students brought 135,788 family members to Britain last year – nine times more than in 2019.

“Last year, 59,053 Nigerian students brought over 60,923 relatives.”

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