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Trump allies push to limit Justice Department’s independence



Trump allies push to limit Justice Department's independence

The moves Donald Trump’s allies are making in his court trial…

In a significant move that could reshape the U.S. Justice Department, allies of former President Donald Trump are drafting proposals to diminish the department’s independence and align it more closely with conservative causes, according to nine individuals involved in the effort.

This potential overhaul could become one of the most impactful actions of a second Trump presidency, given the Justice Department’s crucial role in safeguarding democratic institutions and upholding the rule of law.

The proposed changes would mark a stark departure from the department’s current mission, which emphasizes “independence and impartiality” as core values.

Trump, who faces numerous criminal charges from the Justice Department, has publicly vowed to reform the agency if he wins the presidential election on November 5. His campaign promises include using the Justice Department to pursue his political opponents, including current President Joe Biden.

One of the most controversial aspects of the plan involves placing new constraints on the FBI, an agency many Republicans accuse of bias against them. The proposals include shifting some of the FBI’s responsibilities to other law enforcement bodies and potentially dismantling the office of the FBI’s general counsel.

This office, which provides legal advice on ongoing investigations, has been a particular target for Republicans due to its role in approving an inquiry into Trump’s 2016 campaign’s contacts with Russian officials. Eliminating the general counsel could limit the FBI’s ability to conduct investigations without direct political oversight.

The broader plan for the Justice Department includes pushing conservative policy goals such as dismantling diversity hiring programs and ending federal oversight of police departments accused of racist practices.

These initiatives are allegedly being developed by Trump’s campaign team in collaboration with external conservative groups, given the campaign’s limited full-time policy staff.

Trump’s advisers believe they have a strong chance of implementing these changes, especially with Trump leading in most swing state polls.

Despite the well-documented nature of Trump’s intentions to overhaul the Justice Department, specific measures being advocated by his allies and advisers have received less public attention until now.

Two prominent Trump supporters revealed to Reuters their backing for the elimination of the FBI’s general counsel. This move would shift legal guidance closer to the attorney general, thereby increasing political oversight over the bureau’s investigations.

In response, Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Mousa criticized the proposed changes, stating that Trump and his allies are prioritizing “revenge and retribution” over the nation’s best interests. The FBI has yet to comment on these developments.

As the November election approaches, the potential transformation of the Justice Department under a second Trump administration remains a critical issue, reflecting deep partisan divides over the role and independence of the nation’s top law enforcement body.