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Third Mainland Bridge restructuring to begin soon — FG



Third Mainland Bridge

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Olukorede Keisha has disclosed that resurfacing work on the Third Mainland Bridge will soon begin from Adeniji inward to Falomo. The project aims to restore the bridge’s integrity and aesthetics.

During a Thursday news briefing in Lagos, Keisha revealed that the project, an extension of the original plan, will resume where it left off. While exact dates for the renewed construction are pending, Keisha assured they would be announced soon.

President Bola Tinubu‘s directive to continue the resurfacing underscores the government’s commitment to infrastructure maintenance. Keisha emphasized the importance of informing motorists in advance to prevent surprises and inconvenience.

“President Bola Tinubu has graciously asked us to continue the resurfacing6 on the Third Mainland bridge. So we’re continuing any moment from now.

“So, any moment from now, we’ are going to see the contractor back in site extending beyond Adeniji inward Falomo. We’re going to do the same thing just like we did on the Third Mainland Bridge.

“We know that motorists are major stakeholders. So we do not want to do this without getting across to them that’s why we’re doing this press conference so that it will not come as a surprise to us.”

The contractor has been instructed to mobilize immediately, currently in the preparation stage. The upcoming work will include laying new asphalt, repainting lane markings, adding missing lines, and installing solar lights, aiming to enhance both structural integrity and appearance.

To minimize disruptions for motorists, a comprehensive traffic management plan is being developed. The project signifies the government’s dedication to ensuring safe and efficient road networks.

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