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Thai Police alerts Liverpool fans on Xabi Alonso ‘scam’



"Xabi Alonso is not yet Liverpool manager" -- Thai Police alerts

With the ongoing speculation on Xabi Alonso taking over as the next Liverpool manager after Jurgen Klopp leaves the club at the end of the season, mischief makers have jumped on the trending train to scam unsuspecting fans using the Spaniard’s identity.

The Thai Police in reaction have raised an alarm to alert Liverpool fans and the public on this development.

The Central Investigation Bureau has advised supporters to be vigilant against a viral message circulating, claiming to be from the Spanish coach’s Instagram account.

The deceptive message requests donations of 300 baht ($8.50) under the pretense of covering Alonso’s airfare expenses.

The message, composed in Thai, reads, “I am Xabi Alonso, I will be in charge of Liverpool next season, but I am short of money for my flights to Liverpool.”

Following Klopp’s surprising announcement on Friday that he would step down at the end of the season, speculations about Alonso taking over at Liverpool have been rife.

In response to the fraudulent message, the Thai police released a statement on Facebook on Sunday, reassuring Liverpool fans and dispelling the scam.

The police emphasized that the message, manipulated to appear as if it originated from the official Instagram account of Xabi Alonso, is a fraudulent attempt by an impersonator.

Thailand has a massive Liverpool fanbase with the English Premier League having an immense following in the country.

Liverpool and Manchester United stand one of the biggest support base in Thailand with their iconic red shirts and club crests seen adorning various aspects of Thai life, from people to taxis and shops.

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