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Strange Woman Sneaks Into Hotel Room And Rapes Two Teenage Boys (FULL DETAIL HERE)



A married woman identified as Allison Schardin has allegedly had sex with two youth hockey team members from Colorado while a third boy watched at a hotel room in Roseville, Minnesota. 

According to a further report, her, her husband and their two sons, went to the hotel for a staycation.

She has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

The teenage boys were visiting from Colorado to play in a hockey tournament and stayed at the same hotel.

She reportedly admitted to having sexual contact with two of the boys and to asking them for a condom after she was arrested.

She allegedly talked to the teens about her ‘marital problems’ and later texted one of the boys on Snapchat.

After the three boys returned to their room, Schardin messaged one, saying she and her husband had argued and asked if she could come to the teens’ room, it is claimed.

At the room, she allegedly asked the boys their ages and said they were young enough to be her kids, according to the complaint.

She eventually started talking about ‘sex and stuff’, asked the boy how sexually active they were, and got into bed with two boys, according to Pioneer Press.

The 38-year-old mother allegedly admitted to kissing the boys and having sexual contact with two of them. She also asked them for a condom.

The two teenagers told investigators that they were pressured, felt uncomfortable and asked Schardin to leave the room.

Schardin allegedly showed up at the boys’ hockey game and texted them even after they returned home in Colorado.

Schardin, a server at a local restaurant, describes herself as ‘a wife, truth seeker, boy mom, singer, and foodie,’ on her social media profile

The family is also captured in a photo at a local church in December 2022, both Schardin and her husband wearing radiant smiles.

Since then, Schardin has taken to Facebook to share and repost memes that feature quotes on relationships and life challenges.

One of the posts reads: ‘Healthy relationships don’t feel like fairy tales. They are constructed through uncomfortable conversations, emotional vulnerability, and grace for each other’s humanness.’

In another post shared last year, Schardin posted a quote from Robin Williams, which read: ‘You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.’

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