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how to stop limiting your self

Most people will admit to having more potential than their lives show. They know on some level that they are far more capable than they have been giving themselves credit for. They know they have something “bigger” to offer the world but maybe they have not quite figured out what it is or how to bring it about.

Here are some tips that would help you take consistent actions towards what you want and what you are actually capable of;

Most limitations are self-imposed and are not “real”

The next time you think you cannot be or do something, realize you impose that on yourself. It’s almost certain that you learned to think that you cannot be or do something from someone else. But once you learned to limit yourself by taking on the opinion of an outside source, you are the one that keeps it alive. If you have a healthy brain, whatever you think is possible for yourself or whatever you think is not possible for yourself is now on you. Your limitations are self-imposed.


It’s time to question your “limitations”

Most people have the habit of responding to a limiting thought or belief with automatic acceptance. Why? Somewhere along the way that is what they learned to do. We can learn to begin questioning our limiting thoughts and beliefs. When you feel stuck or held back from something you want to change or to begin being or doing, identify the self-imposed belief that tells you you are limited in some way.


Take a small step outside the borders of your limiting thinking and behavior.

Take the small but powerful step of looking for solutions or innovations. Then take action, no matter how small. We have to start somewhere. Taking the first small step begins to redefine what we think is possible for ourselves. The small step is the process of questioning our self-imposed limitations instead of automatically accepting them. You can do more than you think you can. You can be more. We know that there are always a small percentage of people who don’t entertain the limitations going on inside our heads. They are entertaining quite different thoughts and beliefs. If they can think differently, everybody can.



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