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“Speculations that Donald Trump would be declared winner…” – Sources reveal



Former President Donald Trump is a projected winner as he wins votes of the Nevada Republican caucuses for he had  defeated challenger Ryan Binkley on Thursday. 

Nevada’s Republican voters had another chance to vote for their preferred presidential candidate in Thursday’s caucuses, with Trump on the ballot this time.

The state hosted Republican and Democratic primaries on Tuesday, but Trump did not appear on the GOP ballot because the Nevada Republican Party opted to hold its caucuses and made it the only contest that would allocate the state’s 26 delegates.

But even without Trump on Tuesday’s ballot, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who participated in Tuesday’s primary instead of the caucuses, finished second behind “none of these candidates,” an embarrassing defeat as she seeks to sell herself as a serious challenger to Trump.

Before Nevada’s caucuses, Trump had an estimated 33 delegates, compared to Haley’s 17.

There are 26 delegates up for grabs in the Nevada caucuses.

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