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“Should I beg her” – Man seeks for advice as girlfriend dumps him for failing to buy iPhone XS Max for her father



“Should I beg her” – Man seeks for advice as girlfriend dumps him for failing to buy iPhone XS Max for her dad

A man is seeking advice after his partner ended their relationship because he didn’t buy an iPhone XS Max for her father.

An anonymous Nigerian man turned to X, formerly Twitter to express his frustrations to a popular Twitter influencer, Wizarab.

Based on his account, the girlfriend expressed a desire for him to purchase an iPhone for her father due to her dissatisfaction with the small phone he had been using.

He insisted that he was unable to purchase the phone due to having invested all of his funds, totaling around 3 million naira, into starting a business.

The man expressed his strong affection for the girl, emphasizing that she is the one he wants to build a future with.

His words read …

“My girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t buy iPhone Xmas for her father which I don’t even have the money now, she says she doesn’t like the small phone the father uses, I love her, I have no one again, this is a girl I want to settle with.

Should I beg her to try to understand that I’m saving the money so that by December it will be completed, I used all my savings which is 3million to open my business and I just rented a selfcon too, I need advise.”

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