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“Serious ramifications facing for Chelsea” — Blues Legend speaks



"Serious ramifications facing for Chelsea" -- Blues Legend speaks

Chelsea legend Pat Nevin has issued a stark warning to the Premier League club, suggesting that they might face a points deduction in the upcoming season.

Nevin contends that securing qualification for the Champions League within the next 18 months is crucial for Chelsea to avoid scrutiny over Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

The Blues have encountered substantial financial challenges over the past two fiscal years, with new owner Todd Beohly investing over £1 billion in acquiring new players. To mitigate immediate financial pressures, Chelsea strategically offloaded Mason Mount to Manchester United and Kai Havertz to Arsenal.

However, Nevin raises concerns that Chelsea could potentially follow in the footsteps of Everton and Nottingham Forest, facing on-field penalties as a consequence of financial irregularities.

Nevin, drawing upon his background in accounts and economics, expresses intrigue regarding Chelsea’s financial maneuvers and the sustainability of their spending.

Although the club managed to avoid FFP sanctions in the recent evaluation, Nevin emphasizes the precarious nature of the situation.

He comments,

“My background is accounts and economics, and the financial side of it intrigues me with Chelsea. How are they doing it, and where is it working? They didn’t fall foul of FFP this time. But I’m seeing Everton get hit, and Chelsea is also one of my old clubs – I just hope it’s not happening again.”