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See TY Bello’s Amazing Photos Of Former KUSH Bandmate Emem At 40

Sometine ago, ace photographer TY Bello (then Sokefun), Lara George (then Bajomo) and Emem Ema were part of the gospel group KUSH.

Today, one of the trio Emem turned 40 years old. Ace photographer TY took a moment to share stunning images of her friend, along with an appreciative post of their three-decade friendship.

“One way to know when a friend is good for you? Watch out for what they do when your dream is still a whisper.. when your next idea hasn’t crystallized.. 20 years ago .. I ‘whispered’ about ‘maybe ‘ wanting to be a photographer.. @vzhun did the first big thing anyone ever did for my photography .. she gave me a photography book. Her late dad was the famous artist Iyang Ema.. madam went into his library and found me a book on photography. Now you have to understand how big a deal this is .. I didn’t have access to the internet at the time .. this book was the only dream seed .. I saw the word ‘aperture ‘ for the first time .. I didn’t understand what that was … didn’t understand the book but I read it cover to cover countless times .. Emem ema helped me get started in photography before anyone did.”

See the photos below!

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