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Rivaldo warns Brazil stars to leave England



Rivaldo urges Brazil stars to leave England

Brazilian football legend Rivaldo has advised Brazil players in Manchester United and Arsenal particularly Casemiro, Antony and Gabriel Jesus to work their transfers away from England if they are serious about playing for Brazil.

Rivaldo believes these moves are essential for the players’ careers, given their struggles in the Premier League this season.

Casemiro, in particular, has faced a challenging end to the campaign, with his performance in Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat to Crystal Palace drawing significant criticism. Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher even suggested that the Brazilian midfielder consider a move to Major League Soccer (MLS) or the Saudi Pro League.

Antony, who joined Manchester United for £82 million nearly two years ago, has also underperformed, scoring just one Premier League goal this season.

Despite his struggles, Rivaldo remains confident in Antony’s abilities, highlighting his World Cup experience and suggesting a transfer to a club in Spain, Germany, or Italy could rejuvenate his career.

“I still say Manchester United winger Antony is a great player,” Rivaldo told Betfair.

“He’s currently at a club that’s been going through difficult times for a while now, so in my opinion leaving England could be good for him. Moving to a side in Spain, Germany or Italy could be fundamental for his progression now.

“With his skills and the football that he can play, I think that he would fit very well into any big team in Spain, for example. It could be good for him to go to a club where he can return to playing regularly and aim to get back into the Brazilian team. Who knows, maybe in 2026 he can play in another World Cup.”

Rivaldo also emphasized the importance of Casemiro and Gabriel Jesus finding new clubs to enhance their chances of returning to the Brazilian national team.

He stated, “I also think it’s crucial for Casemiro and Gabriel Jesus to look for other clubs if they are serious about returning to play for Brazil.”