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Premier League denies rumors surrounding Man City



Premier League denies rumors surrounding Man City

In the ongoing saga surrounding Manchester City’s alleged financial breaches, speculation has swirled regarding the potential dropping of charges against the Premier League champions. However, Daily Mail journalist Mike Keegan has refuted these claims, stating that reports of dropped charges are unfounded.

Last year, the Premier League leveled 115 alleged breaches of its financial rules against Manchester City after a meticulous four-year investigation. The allegations spanned the period between 2009 and 2018, prompting the Premier League to refer the matter to an independent commission.

Recent rumors suggesting the dropping of charges against Manchester City, coupled with reports indicating Manchester United officials’ belief in minimal sanctions for their rivals, have stirred controversy. However, Keegan’s assertion contradicts these reports.

The spotlight on City’s case intensified following the Premier League’s imposition of points deductions on Everton and Nottingham Forest for failing to comply with Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). Despite these penalties, Everton secured Premier League survival comfortably, while Forest finds themselves precariously placed just above the relegation zone.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters addressed concerns about the timing of City’s potential resolution during a European Leagues’ online conference. Masters emphasized that the case’s date is set and will conclude shortly, refraining from further comment on its fairness or outcomes.

The charges against Manchester City revolve around alleged breaches of rules mandating the provision of accurate financial information to reflect the club’s true financial standing. Additionally, the Premier League has accused City of non-cooperation during the investigation.

City has consistently denied the charges since their announcement in February 2023, expressing anticipation for an impartial review by an independent commission to validate their position.