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Popular Singer reveals why lovers should live together before getting married



Popular Nigerian singer, Simi reveals why  people who want to get married should live together for some time.

The mother of one had said this during  a podcast Tea with Taye.

She said, “I think people who want to get married should live together for a little bit”
She added that people who have long term plans for themselves should cohabitate for some time under the same roof.

The reason, according to Simi is that you can never completely know someone when they are outside.

She highlighted that how a person behaves when they are outside is usually different from how they behave when they are inside and cranky.

Simi mentioned that outside, people are usually on their best behavior.

The singer also added that it is when one has lived with someone that they will be able to tell if they are ready and willing to do forever with that person because they can easily tell all about their various sides.

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