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Popular American Actor Jamie Foxx’s Victim Cries For Safety



The woman who sued popular American actor Jamie Foxx over an alleged 2015 sexual assault has requested that her identity remain hidden out of “fear” for her “safety.”

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online Friday, the Jane Doe pleaded with a judge to grant her public anonymity one week after filing the bombshell lawsuit against Foxx, 55.

“I was sexually assaulted as indicated in the Complaint and as a result, I suffered psychological and emotional injuries,” she claimed in the docs, per Radar.

“I do not desire to publicly disclose my identity as a victim of sexual assault because this matter is highly sensitive, and I have already experienced significant shock, shame, and embarrassment for my disclosure due to the prominence and celebrity status of the Defendants.”

Page Six reported that the unidentified woman said she started to “fear for [her] safety given the fame of Defendant” after the case was covered by “every major news outlet,” prompting her request.

“It is very difficult for me to come forward and talk about the events that occurred,” she continued. “The sexual assault I suffered has caused my depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, distress, and I am fearful that a public disclose will cause further emotional trauma.”

Doe finished by saying she does not want to “bear the stigma that is associated with being a sexual assault victim.”

Reps for the “Ray” actor did not immediately respond to request for comment.

In the lawsuit, Doe claimed the Oscar winner allegedly touched her inappropriately at Catch rooftop in New York City after she and a friend asked for a photo-op.

She claims that Foxx, who was allegedly “intoxicated” at the time, then placed his hands under her shirt before sliding them into her pants and touching her genitalia.

The accuser claims several people saw the alleged incident occur but failed to intervene.

However, a spokesperson for Foxx denied the claims a few days later, saying that the “alleged incident never happened.”

“In 2020, this individual filed a nearly identical lawsuit in Brooklyn. That case was dismissed shortly thereafter.”

The rep added, “The claims are no more viable today than they were then. We are confident they will be dismissed again.”

In fact, Foxx plans to “pursue a claim for malicious prosecution” against Doe for rehashing the “frivolous” claims.

Although the alleged incident took place eight years ago, Doe was able to file her complaint before the New York’s Adult Survivors Act expired, which allowed alleged victims of sexual offenses to file civil suits even though the statute of limitations may have passed.

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