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“Players Receive Monthly Salaries, Not Weekly Wages” – Nigerian Footballer Frank Onyeka Clarifies Payment Structure



Players Receive Monthly Salaries, Not Weekly Wages

Nigerian international footballer, Frank Onyeka, has shed light on the payment structure in professional football, revealing that players do not receive their wages on a weekly basis as commonly believed.

Instead, players typically receive their pay in the form of a monthly salary.

Onyeka, who currently plays as a midfielder for Brentford, shared this insight during an interview on Clout Africa’s ‘Reach Out’ podcast.

He explained that there are various misconceptions surrounding how footballers are remunerated, but the truth is that players receive their earnings at the end of each month, rather than on a weekly basis.

The talented footballer emphasized that the rumors about weekly payments are largely untrue.

In reality, team management calculates the total amount each player is entitled to receive on a weekly basis, and then disburses the accumulated sum to the players at the end of the month.

“We dey chill before we go see alert, no be true say na every Friday. Na different story you go dey hear oh, they go tell you say you go dey collect money every week. Them fit dey pay you every week, but you no dey collect am every week, you go dey collect am monthly,” he said.

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Reacting, imfortune01; This one wey just start Dey grow

bobbykante5; Omoh but nah same thing he be nah weekly and monthly make money sha complete be koko , nah that monthly go make sense self the money go gather Together once

i__xciii; Lol, nah still weekly dem dey be that nah dem just dey calculate am together pay am monthly nii e just be like pple whey dem dey work per hour Shey no be hours dem Dey take pay dem buh nah still weekly dem go pay them lol.

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