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“Placing Extra Headlights On Your Car, Tricycle Is An Offence” – Police



"Placing Extra Headlights On Your Car, Tricycle Is An Offence" – Police

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has declared that installing extra headlights on cars, tricycles, and motorcycles is a crime.

Adejobi issued this warning in a Twitter post on Thursday, explaining that depending on the severity of the change, such situations might be considered as either a traffic or criminal offense.

The police official further said that it is illegal for vehicle owners to hide their license plates in any way.

“Yes. It’s an offence to fix additional headlamps on your vehicle or bikes, and cover your number plate in any form. You see many vehicles with more than 20 headlamps. This is not allowed. It’s an offence. It could be seen as a traffic offence or criminal offence depending on the motif or magnitude of such alterations on your vehicle identification or documents,” Adejobi wrote.

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