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Romero, along with his friends, must try and survive after several people get infected by the water supply, making them visually impaired and rabid.

   Initial release: 11 November 2014

   Director: C.J. Obasi



   Nneka the Pretty Serpent is a two-part 1994 Nigerian horror drama film directed and written by Zeb Ejiro and produced by Okechukwu Ogunjiofor.


  Nneka the Pretty Serpent follows the story of a woman who desperately wants to conceive a child of her own.

   In order to conceive, she meets the river goddess (also referred to as Mami Wata) for help.

   She promises to dedicate the child to the river goddess for her help.

The woman in turn conceives and delivers a female child named Nneka. Nneka possesses supernatural powers which she uses to perpetuate evil; her aim is to seduce prominent married men in order to take their money and souls.

Nneka was possessed by the queen mother spirit to kill six people that took her powers in the drama (NNEKA THE PRETTY SERPENT).

   Each and every one of them had a weakness, the first-person weakness was that he was addicted to woman, the second person who is Fatima by name was addicted to perfume.




Two friends discover a mystical sculpture that bestows seven years of good luck on anyone that encounters it, but dark consequences come in the year.

  The Figurine: Araromire is a 2009 Nigerian supernatural suspense thriller film written by Kemi Adesoye, produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan.


…Issakaba which is an anagram for Bakassi is a movie produced in the year 2001 by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, and it is based on true life events.

   It is regarded by many Africans as the greatest African movie of all time. The movie involves community vigilante boys called Bakassi Boys fighting against crimes like armed robbery and murder cases that put fear and panic in the community.

    It depicts also the battle against Eddy Nawgu a sorcerer that terrorized the people of Nawgu community in Anambra State.


Diamond Ring is a 1998 Nollywood thriller film directed by Tade Ogidan. It stars Richard Mofe Damijo, Teju Babyface, Sola Sobowale and Bukky Ajayi.


Diamond Ring follows the story of conflict between the spirit of Mrs. Gladys and members of Chidi’s cult group, XG.

  In a bid to display his fitness for a life in the secret cult, Chidi, a freshman in the university and the only child of his parents; Chief and Mrs. Ijeoma Dike steals a diamond ring from Mrs. Gladys’ corpse.

The spirit of Mrs. Gladys in turn haunts Chidi and his friends.

The members of the cult begin to die successively. Chidi is struck by a peculiar sickness which could not be treated by orthodox medicine. The journey to find his healing culminates in the return of the diamond ring to Mrs. Gladys’ corpse.



  When Richard outgrows Sylvia, his imaginary girlfriend, and decides to marry Gbemi, things take a dark and twisted turn.

  Richard Okezie decides to leave Sylvia, his lifelong imaginary friend and lover for Gbemi a flesh-and-blood real woman, but complications arise when Sylvia decides to destroy Richard’s peaceful life.

When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another.


   This movie tells a story of a man who had financial difficulties, as a result of his predicament he was introduced to an occult group by his friends, as result of being introduced he had to make some human sacrifices.

    For years the man enjoyed good life, then it was time for him to die. When he died his burial created a lot of problems.[1] The film was based on the real life happenings surrounding the death of Ogbuefi Nnamani.

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