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Nara Ekele (Take Glory) – Helen Meju [DOWNLOAD]



Nara Ekele (Take Glory) – Helen Meju

US-based Nigerian gospel music master, Helen Meju arrives with wonderful offshoots of another soul-enlightening ‘Nara Ekele’.

Nara Ekele acts as a testimony template, amplifying the praising attitude of a person who saw God’s supernatural intervention while going through a furiously ragging furnace of life, and Nara Ekele means Take Glory.

With a plethora of previously published melodies, the anointed Singer prepares to unearth new spiritually orchestrated sounds to birth an edification to the body of Christ while also serving warm melodies worthy of all music fans.

‘Nara Ekele,’ created by the incredible Jaynunny, will keep you on top of your game.

Watch Lyrics Video & Download Audio Below;


Lyrics: Nara Ekele (Take Glory) By Helen Meju

Chorus 1
Nara Ekele ( x4)
Ihe Nile ina emere m oo
Olu nile ina aruru m oo
I want to say you are worthy
Worthy of my praise
( repeat all )

Chorus 2
Worthy of my praise ……Worthy
Worthy of my praise …….Worthy
You are worthy of my praise….Worthy …oh yeah !
I want to say you are worthy
Worthy of my praise

Chorus 3
You are worthy of my praise …..Worthy
You are worthy of my
You are worthy of my praise …..worthy
I want to say you are worthy….Worthy of my praise.

Verse 1
For Your faithfulness…Faithful God
For Your steadfastness…………
Wonderful God
For Your Awesomeness……You are an awesome God
For Your goodness….God you are so good

Verse 2
Nara Ekele….. Ikpere m nala Chukwu
Nara Otuto…..Onum juru na ekele
Nara ekele …. You are the Mighty protocol breaker, impossibility changer .
You have done it again

(Repeat Chorus 1)
Nara Ekele……..

Worthy Worthy Worthy Worthy…..Worthy (x2)
You are worthy of my praise………Worthy
Worthy, I want to say you worthy, worthy of my praise


Repeat Verse 2

Then ….Chorus

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