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“Na beg I dey beg” — Harrysong continues to beg Kcee over feud



"Na beg I dey beg" -- Harrysong continues to beg Kcee over feud

Nigerian singer and instrumentalist Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has publicly appealed to his former record label boss, Kcee, urging him to remit seven years’ worth of royalties owed to him.

The rift between Harrysong and Kcee emerged in 2016 amid controversial circumstances, leading to a strained relationship between the two artists.

Topnaija recounts that Harrysong’s avoidance of Kcee and the record label ensued following his interaction with the state’s Assistant Inspector-General of Police after being picked up by the authorities.

Taking to his social media platform on Monday, Harrysong implored his fans to intervene and assist him in persuading Kcee to release what he believes to be rightfully his.

"Na beg I dey beg" -- Harrysong continues to beg Kcee over feud

“I’m here to beg you all to help me beg Kingsley Okonkwo, known as Kcee, to refund my money and release my songs,” Harrysong stated in his online appeal.

Expressing his grievance, Harrysong asserted that for over seven years, Kcee has purportedly been the sole beneficiary of 100% of his royalties derived from several major songs, including “Reggea Blues,” “Baba for the Girls,” “Samankwe,” “Better Pikin,” and “Ofeshe.”

Highlighting the imbalance in their financial arrangement, Harrysong appealed for fairness, suggesting that Kcee should rightfully retain his percentage but release what is due to him.

“It’s not fair. At least, he can take his percentage and give me what is rightfully mine,” Harrysong pleaded.

“Na beg I dey beg am, I know he likes to bully, he’s the Power Mike, help me beg him, the songs are mine, he should at least be fair to give me what is rightfully mine.”

Acknowledging Kcee’s assertive nature, Harrysong implored assistance from supporters, emphasizing the ownership of the songs and pleading for fairness in the distribution of royalties.