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Manchester United tops Real Madrid in global ranking



Manchester United tops Real Madrid in global ranking

It appears it is not all gloomy at Manchester United as the Premier League club despite on pitch struggles this season, does well on the financial front even better than the usual suspects.

In a recent ranking of the top 50 most valuable football clubs worldwide, Manchester United has emerged as the leader, surpassing renowned clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Compiled by Sportico, the list is based on comprehensive reviews of revenue streams from financial statements, as well as consultations with bankers, investors, consultants, and team executives.

Utilizing “team-specific multipliers,” factors such as historical sales, market strength, brand influence, on-field performance, facility lease terms, debt burdens, and future economic projections were considered.

Manchester United claimed the top spot with a staggering valuation of $6.2 billion, followed closely by Real Madrid ($6.06 billion) and Barcelona ($5.28 billion). The English Premier League dominated the top 10, with six clubs featuring prominently: Liverpool ($5.11 billion), Manchester City ($4.75 billion), Arsenal ($3.91 billion), Tottenham ($3.49 billion), and Chelsea ($3.47 billion).

Despite the Premier League’s dominance in the top 10, the MLS emerged as the most represented league on the list, boasting 20 clubs among the top 50. However, the cumulative valuation of Premier League clubs, totaling $29 billion, nearly doubles that of the 20 MLS teams ($15.1 billion).

La Liga, on the other hand, contributed only three clubs to the top 50: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid, with a combined valuation of $13 billion.

Here is the comprehensive list;

1. Manchester United ($6.2bn)

2. Real Madrid ($6.06bn)

3. Barcelona ($5.28bn)

4. Liverpool ($5.11bn)

5. Bayern Munich ($4.8bn)

6. Manchester City ($4.75bn)

7. PSG ($4.05bn)

8. Arsenal ($3.91bn)

9. Tottenham ($3.49bn)

10. Chelsea ($3.47bn)

11. Juventus ($1.77bn)

12. Borussia Dortmund ($1.64bn)

13. Atletico Madrid ($1.62bn)

14. AC Milan ($1.2bn)

15. Los Angeles FC ($1.15bn)

16. Inter Milan ($1.06bn)

17. Atlanta United ($1.05bn)

18. Inter Miami ($1.02bn)

19. LA Galaxy ($1bn)

20. New York City FC ($840m)

21. Austin FC ($800m)

22. Seattle Sounder ($795m)

23. Lyon ($780m)

24. Roma ($770m)

25. America ($750m)

26. Ajax ($740m)

27. West Ham ($725m)

28. Toronto FC ($725m)

29. DC United ($720m)

30. Portland Timber ($715m)

31. Guadalajara ($710m)

32. Newcastle ($700m)

33. Napoli ($690m)

34. Philadelphia Union ($685m)

35. Benfica ($675m)

36. Charlotte FC ($655m)

37. Columbus Crew ($650m)

38. FC Cincinnati ($645m)

39. Minnesota United ($640m)

40. Nashville FC ($635m)

41. Sporting Kansas City ($630m)

42. New York Red Bulls ($615m)

43. RB Leipzig ($610m)

44. Aston Villa ($600m)

45. Atalanta ($695m)

46. Eintracht Frankfurt ($580m)

47. Flamengo ($570m)

48. Monterrey ($565m)

49. San Jose Earthquakes ($560m)

50. Houston Dynamo ($550m)