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Manchester City aren’t ready to extend Guardiola’s Contract yet—City Chairman



It’s probably a news that will come as a joy for rival clubs and their fan base knowing that domestic trophy merchant, Pep Guardiola is being held up on a contract extension by the City board as confirmed by Manchester City chairman.

City chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak revealed that the club would not be rushing into agreeing an extension with the Spaniard any time soon even if his current deal runs through the coming season.

“You don’t need to put any extra pressure on Pep, he puts enough pressure on himself for everyone,” the chairman said while speaking to the club website.

“It is the exact opposite I try to bring back the pressure because I think he puts too much pressure on himself. The pressure is not of winning this competition or that competition. We are all in it together.

“Sheikh Mansour looks at the game understands the game and understands winning and losing very well which is why his ethos, his philosophy I have tried to instill on this organization and what we have had these last games which is positive constructive forward-leaning, always pushing forward.

“We approach every season to win and to try to win every competition we compete in. That is the mindset that has been the case over the last 10 years.

“We try to win every competition we play and I think part if when you are asking about Pep you cannot argue every competition from the Champions League to the Premier League to the FA Cup. We show up every game with full intention to give it everything we have to win every game. With that, you can see the results.”

Khaldoon further added on Guardiola:

“Pep has never stayed as long as he’s stayed here with any club, be it Barcelona or Bayern Munich. So, the question is perfectly valid.

“It is perfectly valid last year and three years ago, and of course this year. It is a partnership that has done wonders in years.

“It is approaching its seventh year and next year is going to be an exciting chapter of his partnership and we’re enjoying every moment of it. We’re achieving great things together and this conversation will be had at the right time, at the right pace, and with the pace, time, and framework that works for Pep.”