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Landlord Of The Earth – Tony Ceemony [Music + Video]



Landlord Of The Earth – Tony Ceemony [Music + Video]

Tony Ceemony, the main pastor of Stars Of Heaven Assembly, has just released a gripping new song named “Landlord Of The Earth.”

Dr. Ceemony’s composition highlights his extraordinary skill as a singer-songwriter and demonstrates his steadfast faith and passion to sharing the gospel via music.

The captivating melody and thought-provoking lyrics of “Landlord of the Earth” perfectly capture God’s grandeur and sovereignty, emphasizing His position as the ultimate owner and ruler of the earth.

With its addictive beat and positive message, the song has already garnered enormous popularity, striking a chord with listeners from many walks of life. Dr. Ceemony’s most recent musical project certainly exposes him as a multi-talented man, combining his deep spirituality with great musical skill.

“Landlord Of The Earth” exemplifies his ability to inspire and connect with people with the power of heavenly music.

Watch the video below;



Lyrics: Landlord Of The Earth By Tony Ceemony

Landlord of the earth
Owner of the earth
Oceans applaud you
Creation declares you

Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
Out God you reign forever more

Thine is the kingdom
Thy power and thy glory
Forever and ever

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