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Kanye West deleted instagram account after planning change of name



kanye west deleted instagram account after planning change of name

Popular and yet controversial American rap star, Kanye West has deleted his Instagram account after he went on and on talking about legally changing his name to Ye.

TopNaija found out that the American rapper’s social media page with over 20 million followers was no longer visible on the platform.

This is coming after the 46-year-old celebrity talked about how people were trying to “force” him to continually use his old name. However, his change of name was officially approved by a Los Angeles judge in October last year, 2023.

kanye west deleted instagram account after planning change of name

In a screenshot of a message sent to Justin LaBoy. Ye stated: “I’m closing my Kanye West Instagram account.”

He continued: “My name is Ye. No brand or numbers gonna force me to call myself what they want me to still be.”, reports the Mirror.

Ye also added that his name would be changed to Ye on Instagram shortly.

In another post, Ye shared a message he received from Justin. It said: “Instagram has approved.

“They just got into the office and called immediately. Waiting on info they need to make it happen today.”

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